Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Iran’s parliament and judiciary are reviewing the law, which makes head coverings mandatory for women. Protests against this law have been going on for the past two months.

Is Iran going to change the 'hijab law'?
Is Iran going to change the ‘hijab law’?


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Iran’s Attorney General has said that the country’s judiciary and parliament are reviewing the Hijab Law. Mehsa Amini, who hails from the Kurdish region, was arrested by the Moral Police under the same law, and protests have been ongoing since her alleged death in police custody.

During this time, Iranian women not only in Iran but all over the world started a series of protests against this law by burning their scarves and cutting their hair. Meanwhile, women in various parts of Iran have stopped covering their hair in protest, particularly in the southern regions of the capital Tehran, considered a fashion hotbed. Four years after the Iranian revolution, in April 1983, the headscarf was made mandatory by the Tehran government.

Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said in Qom city, “Both the parliament and the judiciary are working together on the issue of whether there is a need for change.” However, the Asna news agency did not say what changes are being made in this law. The Attorney General further said in this regard, “The review team has met the Cultural Commission of the Parliament on Wednesday and the results will be out in a week or two.”

On the other hand, President Ibrahim Raisi has said on Saturday that Iran’s democracy and Islamic foundations are constitutionally connected. However, he said, “But there are ways to implement the constitution, which can be flexible.” His comment was also broadcast on Iran’s state television.

Ever since the mandatory hijab law was implemented in Iran, women’s clothing has changed. Most young women wear tight jeans and colorful scarves.

On the other hand, Iran has for the first time released data on the deaths during the protests. According to Mezan News Agency, an official security agency of Iran has said that two hundred people have been killed throughout the country during the recent riots. Human rights groups, on the other hand, put the death toll much higher. According to him, more than 470 Iranian citizens have lost their lives so far.

Meanwhile, Iranian activists have called for more protests across the country. Accusing the Tehran government, it says that these protesters have the support of Western countries and it has evidence of this.

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