Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The nearly 10-month-old war between Russia and Ukraine seems to be waning and escalating. Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine is getting worse and it is impossible for the people to live. In such an environment, a new news has created a world of surprise and terror among people. In fact, ‘bloody packets’ are being received in European embassies in European countries. They have animal eyes with lettering. As to who is sending this bloody packet, nothing is confirmed in this regard.

According to media reports, Ukrainian embassies and several commercial embassies across Europe, including Spain, have received a bloody packet with animal eyes. At the same time, ‘letter bombs’ have also been received, which the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described as horrifying and a planned attempt at terror. According to ‘The Washington Post’, Ukraine has expressed fear that Russia is behind this incident. The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that the embassies in the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy and Austria, as well as the Ukrainian commercial embassies in Naples and Bruno of the Czech Republic, received bloody packets.

Yevnia Voloshchenko, a Ukrainian official in Rome, says the parcel she received at the embassy contained a fish eye. Czech police say the envelope found at the Ukrainian Commercial Embassy in Bruno contained animal tissues. Police say that the packet also contained a bomb, due to which the compound was immediately evacuated.

A similar package arrived at the Ukrainian embassy in Prague, police said. A bloody packet was also found outside the Ukrainian embassy in Rome. An Italian police spokesman said the packet contained dirt. The Ukrainian ambassador stationed in the ‘Holy See’ says that the bloody packet received in Rome had exploded, and the filth in the packet had also spread everywhere. The outside staircase, roof and front doors were completely damaged by the strewn dirt. Ukraine has expressed suspicion on Russia for such incidents. However, Russia condemned such incidents and termed it as a terrorist incident. The Russian Embassy in Spain came out in its defense and said that any threat or terrorist activity against the diplomatic mission is totally condemned. It has nothing to do with such incidents.

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