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In India, a young girl married 5 men and then ran away after stealing property, when she was caught…

Chennai (Daily Pakistan Online) In India, a 32-year-old girl’s success in 5 marriages in 12 years and then in robbing her husbands and escaping finally left her and fell into the hands of the police.

According to the details, a 32-year-old girl named Abhinaya, who belongs to Madurai, has been detained by the police from Tambaram area while acting on a complaint filed by the fifth husband. The girl married the complainant and Then she returned and ran away, while the police arrested her second husband for his involvement.

The police investigation is on and it was revealed that Abhinaya had obtained 32 SIMs on her Aadhaar card with which she used to lure men by sending immoral messages on various social media accounts and later blackmail them.

Abhinaya had married a man named Nataranjan, a resident of Tambaram, in August and the two worked together in a bakery. Took a separate house to live.

Before Diwali, Abhinaya escaped with 17 pieces of gold jewelery and Rs 20,000 in cash when Nataranjan went to buy new clothes from a tailor.

During investigation, Abhinaya confessed that she married Vijay in 2011 and had a child with him, abandoned the child in 2013 and ran away with the valuables, then married Senthal Kumar and had an affair with him. It was the longest time. According to the police, after that the girl came to Mumbai and changed her name to Kayaveli and married a rickshaw driver in 2020, after 6 months she left him and married another person. After that, he changed his name again to Abhinaya.

After that, the girl started working in a bakery where she met Nataranjan, who also did the same with him. The police said that Abhinaya used to take gifts of gold from her husband and when she realized that he would not give her any more expensive gifts, she would leave him. The police said that Abhinaya had lured 7 more men on social media.

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