Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are facing the problem of insomnia.

10 to 20 percent of people experience insomnia or other serious sleep problems on a long-term basis.

But the easiest solution to the problem of insomnia is with us and that is exercise.

According to media reports, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s research examined the data of 240,000 adults.

Research has found that better physical fitness reduces the risk of suffering from insomnia.

For the research, data from a survey conducted in Norway from 1984, which included 240,000 people, was reviewed.

This survey gave the researchers an opportunity to take a deeper look at people’s health.

The results showed that 17 percent of non-exercisers had sleep problems serious enough to require medical attention, but the rate was much lower among physically fit individuals.

The results suggest that better physical fitness is also important for good sleep, the researchers said.

Research has found that people who exercise have a 15 percent lower risk of sleep problems.

A 2015 study previously reported that regular exercise some time each week improved sleep quality and duration.

The research also explored how exercise improves sleep.

According to research, aerobic exercise is more helpful in getting to sleep earlier, preventing night awakenings, and waking up more refreshed in the morning.

Cycling, jogging and brisk walking are all aerobic exercises and can improve the quality and duration of sleep.

Even a 30-minute brisk walk can reduce the risk of sleep problems.

A few research reports have found that brisk walking or light exercise 3 times per week improves sleep quality, especially for people with insomnia.

Exercise, whatever it is, benefits people of all ages.

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