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After the earthquake that killed 331 people in Indonesia last month, the earth once…

Jakarta (Daily Pakistan Online) An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 shook the central island of Java in Indonesia. The quake struck in the same city that was devastated by another earthquake last month that killed more than 330 people. No tsunami warning was issued after the earthquake. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred at a depth of 112 km and its epicenter was located 18 km southeast of the city of Banjar in West Java. There were no immediate reports of loss of life or property due to the earthquake.

According to the AFP news agency, the country’s meteorological agency, known as BKMG, put the magnitude of the earthquake at 6.4. The earthquake also shook buildings in the capital, Jakarta. Buildings shook in the city of Garut in West Java due to the earthquake. BKMG has advised those living near the epicenter to be alert for possible aftershocks.

Due to its position on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ where tectonic plates collide, Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. Last month, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck the city of Cianjur in West Java, killing 331 people, injuring thousands and leaving tens of thousands homeless due to collapsed buildings and landslides. In the days following the earthquake, many people were found buried under the rubble.

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