Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Saudi Arabia has announced the procedure for personal visit visa, any of the country…

Saudi Arabia has announced the procedure for personal visit visa, it will be allowed to go to any region or city of the country.

Riyadh (NNI) The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the procedure for obtaining a personal visit visa. Those who come on a personal visit visa will be able to come to meet their friends or Saudi friends. They will be allowed to visit any region or city in the kingdom. They will be able to perform Umrah in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, along with religious and historical places in the kingdom and participate in cultural programs. Saudi news agency SPA. According to the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that ‘Private Visit Visa can be obtained online. Saudi citizens can invite their friends to come to the Kingdom and do Umrah on a Private Visit Visa. Application for private visit visa will be made on Foreign Office visit platform. Application can be made on the platform through ‘Khidmat-ul-Aradh’ (individual facility). Registration will be done through Al-Faz al-Watani platform. Visitor Information Private Visit A visa application must be submitted and affidavits must be approved. After that, the application for the visit visa will be processed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the visitor on the visit visa can process the medical insurance and visa fee by himself after filling the visa application form on the visa platform. After that, submit the application and passport to the Saudi embassy or consulate, through the registered travel agency or company of the embassy or consulate. Will be allowed to come.

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