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The husband killed his wife and disclosed the traffic accident and about 2 crores of insurance…

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) The husband tried to get the insurance money by pretending it was an accident by killing his wife, but his plan was foiled, he was arrested on the charge of killing his wife.

According to the details, the incident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The husband, identified as Mahesh Chand, had an insurance policy of Rs. Having planned the murder, Mahesh gave 10 lakh rupees to the hired killer to complete the plan.

On October 5, Mahesh’s wife Shalu was going to the temple with her cousin Raju on a motorcycle when they both died after being hit by a car on the way. The DCP said that there were frequent fights between Mahesh and Shalo, Shalo had also filed a harassment case against Mahesh for non-payment of dowry in 2019 after which she was arrested and sent to jail. was

According to the plan, Mahesh told his wife that he was told by the pandit that if you visit the temple 12 times, our life will be prosperous, on the other hand, he paid the hired killer five and a half lakhs out of Rs 10 lakh as advance. Dedia, who has been identified as Mukesh Singh Rathore, on being pressured by her husband, Shalu decided to go to the temple with her cousin on a motorcycle.

When the police started investigating, the CCTV footage clearly showed that the bike was moving on the side of the road but the driver deliberately rammed them while going downhill, killing both of them, the investigation said. It was revealed that Mahesh had taken an insurance policy in his wife’s name four months ago. The police have detained five accused, including Mahesh, Raju, Mukesh Singh Rathore, Sonu Singh and Rakesh.

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