Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The farmer went to a big city 415 km away to sell his 5 maunds of onions, where he had to buy all the onions…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) A farmer in India traveled 415 kilometers to the big city to sell his 205 kg onions and there he got so much compensation for his onions that you will be left banging your head. According to India Times, this farmer belongs to a village in Garag district of Karnataka state. When he did not get a good price for onions in his area, he took onions and went to Bangalore, the capital of the state, four hundred kilometers away.

A farmer in Bangalore sold his onions in the Yeswantpur market, where he got a price of just Rs.836 for 205 kg of onions. A person named Arjun has posted a picture of the receipt received by the farmer from the market on his Twitter handle @arjundsage1, in which it can be seen that after deducting taxes etc., the farmer gets only Rs 8.36 paise.

In his tweet, Arjun writes that see, this way the double engine government of Narendra Modi and BS Bomai is doubling the income of farmers. This Garag farmer got Rs 200 per quintal and after taxes, 205 kg of onions cost Rs 8 36 paise, which is many times less than the fare for his 415 km journey.

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