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Shraddha murder case, but the only case of India in which the wife dismembered her husband

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) A few weeks ago in the Indian capital New Delhi, a girl named Shraddha was brutally murdered by her boyfriend and her body was cut into pieces. In the same brutal manner, a man was also killed by his wife in New Delhi a few months ago. This heinous incident did not get much attention at that time and the reason is obvious. When the so-called feminists gave a different color to the murder of Shraddha and the matter was thrown around the world, people also started talking about this man who was killed by his wife.

This man was a resident of Pandeo Nagar area of ​​New Delhi who was killed by his wife along with his stepson and the body was cut into 22 pieces and kept in a refrigerator. Taking out pieces from there, they were taking them to different places in the city and throwing them. When the police found pieces of the body from different places and conducted an investigation, the mother and son were arrested.

After the shocking murder of a girl named Shraddha, the people of Pandev Nagar are remembering the death of this man. 50-year-old Sikandar Singh, a local property dealer, said that when the man was killed, the police also searched the refrigerators in the houses in the area. The police also came to my house and after checking the fridge thoroughly asked if there was any other fridge in the house.

According to the police report, the accused named Poonam committed the incident along with her son Deepak from her ex-husband. Poonam suspected that the deceased Anjan Das had stolen and sold her jewelery and sent the money to his first wife in the state of Bihar. Das was 8 years old from his first wife.

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