Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Fruits, vegetables, green tea, and other natural foods contain flavonols and antioxidants that slow the progression of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, as well as improve other brain functions.

Several studies have shown that people consuming flavonols improve memory and cognitive ability, but may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, little improvement is seen in those who do not pay attention to it. The research was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Thomas Holland of Rush University Medical Center, who was involved in the research, said that our diet has profound effects on the brain and there is new evidence of this. Consuming fruits, vegetables and green tea is a simple process and has a medicinal effect.
Flavinols protect cells, including neurons, and improve cognitive function. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables strengthen the vital organs, namely the heart, brain and liver. More than 5000 phyllovenules, also known as phyllovenoids, have been discovered so far in plants. They protect cells, reduce internal inflammation and increase antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants reduce free radicals that cause many diseases including cancer.

The highest amount of flavonols is found in onions, while cruciferous vegetables (broccoli), blueberries, cabbage, kale leaves, spinach and strawberries also contain better amounts.

In addition, another flavonol called myricetin maintains blood sugar levels and inhibits tau, a protein that causes Alzheimer’s. It is found in abundance in strawberries and spinach. But it is also found in black tea, honey and other berries

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