Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The case of killing a girl and cutting her into 35 pieces, Aftab told her new friend after the incident…

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) Important revelations are coming out in the horrific incident of murder in India. Now it has been revealed that Aftab Poonawala gifted the ring of the deceased Shraddha to his new girlfriend whom he brought to the flat after the murder, the police has recovered the ring.

According to the details, the ring that Aftab Poonawalla gave to Shraddha for his new girlfriend was actually given by Shraddha Kwas’s father, Indian media claimed from sources that Aftab is perfectly normal in the flat with his new girlfriend. He continued to talk in style and he did not even let her suspect that something had happened in the flat, while Aftab had cleaned the flat completely before bringing his new friend home, while walking back to the girl. Shraddhaki also gave a ring.

The police said that they have found another tool used in the murder which has been sent for forensics. The forensic team seized five knives during the forensics of the flat while axes were also recovered during the search operation in the forest. .

Apart from this, the police have also arrested the person who used to supply drugs to Aftab, who has been identified as Faizal Momin and he is a friend of Aftab.

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