Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The World Health Organization has renamed the monkeypox epidemic and disease Mpox and asked the public to use it.

In its statement on Monday, the World Health Organization has proposed a reformulation of m-pox, renaming it as monkey-pox. Both names will be used for a year while gradually replacing Monkey Paks with M Paks. The final decision has been taken after negotiations with international experts.

At the beginning of this year, the name of monkeypox was heard around the world, but global experts noted that the word is being used in a derogatory and prejudiced manner. At first, the animal rights organizations objected to it and termed it as a mistake to describe it as a disease of monkeys, long time friends of humans.

In the middle of August this year, the World Health Organization appealed to the public to give an alternative name to this disease. According to the organization, the role of monkeys in this epidemic is very minor and it will not be correct to compare them with this animal. Then many countries and organizations objected to it in many meetings.

Although the name MonkeyPax will be retained for ease of searching the website and database, it is now permitted to use both mPax and MonkeyPax for one year, after which only mPax will be called.

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