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In Japan, authorities are trying a unique way to prevent young people from committing suicide. Toilet paper is being used for this campaign.

Japan: Campaign to stop youth suicide with toilet paper
Japan: Campaign to stop youth suicide with toilet paper


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In Japan, suicide among young people is a long-standing problem of this society. The authorities have been trying to control this serious problem through various methods for a long time, but so far they have not achieved much success.

Now, authorities in central Japan have begun using a new and unique method to prevent the country’s youth from committing suicide.

Toilet paper and suicide?

In societies where the use of toilet paper is common, everyone’s eyes must be on it. If something is written on the toilet paper, surely the person using it will think about it for a moment. This is the goal of the Japanese authorities, for which they have started this campaign. Different messages are printed on the toilet paper for depressed and depressed young people, who are bent on taking their own lives, which reads, “Dear User, You may want to end your life.” “

“You are alone in the toilet,” a government official in the Japanese city of Yamanashi told AFP about the campaign. We found that at such moments you are at greater risk of confusion and stress in your mind.” A message in such a situation, which may have an immediate effect on the mind of a suicidal person. , for this purpose various messages are hidden on the toilet papers.

What are the messages?

These messages can be read in blue on the toilet paper, which is usually made of white paper. For example, it reads, “Honey, you have been living a miserable life for a long time, even though you present yourself perfectly to others.” Another message, written on toilet paper, reads, “You don’t have to tell us everything, but how about sharing a little bit of yourself with us?”

Suicide rate in Japan

Japan’s unusually high suicide rate is a long-standing problem in its society. However, like some other countries in the world, the corona epidemic has caused an increase in the suicide rate in Japan over the past years. According to the Ministry of Health, the rate of suicide deaths among primary, secondary and high school level students in 2020 has set a new record. According to the Ministry of Health of Japan, 499 such deaths were recorded in this one year alone i.e. 2020.

Government officials in Yamanashi believe that messages on sheets of toilet paper, assuring these dying people of a better life, could help prevent them from committing suicide. A hotline number printed on seven toilet papers can be an effective and successful way to help young people who are very troubled.

Under this campaign, messages and phone numbers have been printed on 6000 rolls of toilet paper. They have been distributed among 12 different regional universities last month.

A few messages based on diagrams have also been prepared by mental health experts, which are printed on these toilet papers. For example, a woman holding an umbrella and looking up at the sky, or an unusual shaped cat.

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