Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

An Indian court has publicly tore off another woman’s clothes for raping her husband.

New Delhi (Web Desk) A 38-year-old woman in Mumbai has been convicted of inciting her husband to rape another woman.

According to Indian media reports, a Mumbai magistrate court sentenced the woman to one year in prison, declaring her guilty. In 2020, this woman had instigated her husband to rape by tearing the clothes of a woman living in the neighborhood. The woman had had a bad relationship with her neighbor for a long time. The court said that the witness statements made it clear that the accused used force against the victim deliberately even though she knew the consequences.

According to the court, by torturing and tearing the clothes of the plaintiff, the accused violated the right to privacy. The court said that the witnesses learned that the men living in the building were also there when the incident took place. The magistrate said that This is a violation of Section 354 of the IPC and under it a woman can be held guilty of inciting rape and has no immunity.

The court sentenced him to a minimum of one year in prison and a fine of Rs 6,000 instead of the maximum of 5 years. He said that during the quarrel, the accused had slapped a slipper and when a neighbor tried to stop him, he grabbed her by the throat and tore her clothes.

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