Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

WhatsApp has started working on an amazing feature under which users will now be able to put their voice notes not only in chats but also on statuses. WhatsApp, the website that monitors all the activities of the application used for messaging. Beta Info has reported that the app has now started working on the feature of adding voice notes to status for iPhone users as well.

It was earlier reported that WhatsApp will soon introduce this feature for Android users, but no final date has been announced.

Web Beta Info has also shared a screenshot of the same, from which it is not difficult to guess how this feature will be used.

It can be seen in the screenshot that the voice note will be set just like a normal status, along with writing text.

Also, it will be entirely up to the user who they want to share the voice note status with.

Initially, WhatsApp users will be able to add 60 seconds i.e. one minute of voice note on the status, later its duration is also possible to increase.

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