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When I reached his residence Zaman Park to meet Imran Khan, his house was surrounded by media and security personnel. I saw that there were no signs of defeat on Imran Khan’s face.

What is happening at Zaman Park before the 'Final Round'?
What is happening at Zaman Park before the ‘Final Round’?


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Media representatives are not allowed to go to Imran Khan’s house without taking time. Imran Khan’s house is guarded by armed security personnel. Roadblocks have been installed to stop vehicles. Some parts of the area have been cordoned off. At dusk, bright searchlights are lit around the house. After the Long March attack, Imran Khan’s security has been significantly tightened.

After a long wait, we entered the building of the house along with a small delegation of journalists. There were also security measures here. Passing through a large elegantly decorated drawing room, when we reached Imran Khan’s room, he was sitting on a comfortable chair with his leg resting on a stool placed in front of him.

Imran Khan was wearing a black beanie kurta and light blue pajama, which was cut on one side and had stripes on the whole leg. Imran Khan was really injured but there were no signs of defeat on his face. Imran Khan was informally telling a journalist that it was not possible for him to exercise after this incident. Therefore, they do not feel hungry and cannot eat normally. Imran Khan’s room was decorated with expensive furniture. The colors of art and religion were prominent in the paintings seen on the walls.

We all sat around Imran Khan, the talk started. I asked that Khan sahib went on a long march, people mobilized, if your election demand is still not accepted, then what plan B do you have? Imran Khan replied that even if the elections are held immediately or in October, it will not make any significant difference to the popularity of PTI, but he thinks that the country will suffer a lot during this period. People’s problems will increase a lot. I asked, do you really think that you will come to power without reconciling with the establishment just on the basis of popular popularity? He said that now Pakistan has changed a lot, teenagers have also become politicized, “We have single-handedly defeated a dozen parties supported by the Election Commission.” New realities have been born in Pakistani society, it is no longer possible to pick us up and throw us out of the game.

Someone asked that action should be taken against the extraordinary assets of General Bajwa’s close relatives that have come to light. Imran Khan’s position was that the solution to all such problems is the rule of law. No action will be taken. In this law, it has been said that the one who identifies the corruption will have to give the proof and if someone transfers the money out by doing corruption, then he will not be questioned at all. In response to the frequently asked question, will you approach the court regarding the appointment of the army chief? Imran Khan did not give a clear answer to this, but he said that President Alvi will consult with him before signing the army chief’s summary and he will deal with it according to the law.

An hour-long meeting was followed by a photo session. After this meeting, while going out, one journalist said in the other’s ear, “Why is tea not available in this house?” The other stared at him and said thank you he got the time and made the appointment. Isn’t that enough? There was a loud laugh at this and we all came out of Imran Khan’s house.

When we were leaving Imran Khan’s house, Maulana Tariq Jameel’s car was entering the house.

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