Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Diplomatic Academy students visit to Pakistan Embassy, ​​Vienna

Vienna (Akram Bajwa) Diplomatic Academy students visited the Pakistani Embassy in Vienna, Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khokhar, Ambassador of Pakistan to Austria informed the students about the political and economic issues of South Asia.

According to the details, the ambassador provided comprehensive information about the challenges of Pakistan’s foreign policy, he reiterated Pakistan’s desire for constructive and friendly relations with all countries and highlighted the importance of Pakistan-US relations.

The Pakistani ambassador also mentioned the serious violations of human rights in the illegally occupied Kashmir by India. He said that Kashmir is the longest pending agenda of the United Nations Security Council. If possible, the international community should work to prevent human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

After the briefing, a question and answer session took place, while answering the questions of the participants, the ambassador said that China’s BRI and flagship CPEC projects have been misconceived as debt traps. has helped meet the energy needs of, thus, facilitating economic growth and development. In response to another question, the ambassador stressed on the uniform application of international law to all global issues, including the Ukraine and Kashmir conflict.

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