Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Germany’s deputy foreign minister says innocent people are being killed because of Russia’s ‘terrorist methods’ and its continued airstrikes on Ukrainian cities and facilities amount to ‘state terrorism’.

Russian attacks on Ukraine are 'state terrorism'
Russian attacks on Ukraine are ‘state terrorism’


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German Deputy Foreign Minister Anna Levermann visited Kiev on Wednesday. She was part of a team of seven high-level European ministers visiting the Ukrainian capital. “I am deeply shocked by what is happening in Kiev,” Liverman said in an interview with DW’s Nick Connolly.

He added, “Our Ukrainian hosts took us to show the bombed sites. Three innocent people lost their lives and it was all because of Russian state terrorism. From the borders of Germany Located only a few hours’ drive away, what is happening here is very worrying.”

His statement came on the same day that EU lawmakers voted to designate Russia as a “state sponsor” of terrorism.

The aforementioned visit of the delegation of European ministers to Kyiv is largely symbolic as it is not supported by any specific legal framework of the European Union.

Russian airstrikes on Ukraine

Russia has stepped up its airstrikes on civilian infrastructure across Ukraine in recent weeks. This has affected thousands of people and is causing massive load-shedding at a time when there is severe winter weather.

State-owned power company Ukrainerjon said its facilities had been heavily damaged in airstrikes, while President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of using the cold as a “weapon of mass destruction”.

Zelensky told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that Russia had fired about 70 missiles on Wednesday alone. These missiles targeted hospitals, schools, infrastructure and residential areas.

How is Europe helping Ukraine?

Ukraine’s European allies have pledged to continue aid to Kiev amid the escalating crisis caused by Russia. Leverman said, “It is clear that Putin wants Ukraine to be plunged into cold and darkness this winter. Ukrainians are braving all odds and we want to help them meet the challenges they face. That’s why we’re here. We’re not just talking about motivation, we’re going to take action.”

He also announced an additional $55 million in aid to Ukraine in Kiev. These include generators that will arrive in Ukraine in the next few days.

Lahr Mann said, “Ukraine has our full support. I am sure that not only will Ukraine benefit from EU membership, but the European Union will also become a better place with Ukraine’s presence.”

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