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In India, to save his reputation, a Tantric made a boy and a girl have sex in front of him.

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, a 55-year-old Tantric man was arrested for forcing a man and a woman to perform shameful acts and causing them to die. According to India Today, this incident took place in the city of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. The police found the naked bodies of the deceased and the deceased in a deserted area. The bodies of both were in the position of intercourse and their genitals were attached by glue.

Initially, the police suspected that he had been killed in the name of honor, but on investigation, the shocking revelation came to light that it was the handiwork of a Tantric. The victims were identified as 30-year-old teacher Rahul Meena and 28-year-old Sonu Kanwar. According to the police, both Rahul and Sonu were married. Both their families used to visit this tantric at ‘Ichchapurna Bhoji Mandir’ and they both met there.

After meeting in the temple, both fell in love with each other. Because of their relationship, Rahul had frequent fights with his wife. Sonu also used to goof off with a tantric named Bhlish Kumar so she was quite close to him. So she told the tantric about her and Rahul’s relationship and the tantric told this to Rahul’s wife.

When Rahul and Sonu find out that Tantrik has told this to Rahul’s wife, they threaten Tantrik and say that they will tell people what he did. Tantrik plans to kill them to save his reputation among the people. According to the police, the accused bought 50 tubes of super glue and collected the glue in a bottle. He then invites Rahul and Sonu to meet him in the suburbs.

During the meeting, Rahul and Sonu were asked by Tantrik to have sex in front of him and during the gruesome act, he applied glue to their private parts, connecting their bodies together. Tantrik then stabbed them with a knife. cut Rahul’s throat and stabbed Sonu’s body, killing them both.

Tantrik told the investigation that Rahul and Sonu had threatened to defame him in public, so he wanted Rahul and Sonu to be in a position to tell the world about them when their bodies were found. Find out. That was the reason why he planned to attach their hidden parts with glue.

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