Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

After a long study, experts have said that back pain relief methods are not equally useful for every patient and that is why up to 84% can be treated with different methods for different people.

Although physiotherapy is useful for this, its effects may vary in different patients. In this regard, the Goethe University of Germany has compared the research done around the world, which is called a meta-study. In this regard, 58 controlled and randomized studies have been conducted. This study was conducted on 10,000 people who were suffering from lower back pain for a long time.

The first lesson was that the patient should improve his sitting posture. It was then explained that treatment should be tailored to each patient as exercise or physiotherapy is not equally beneficial for everyone. The data showed that conventional therapy also had different effects on everyone. Second, back pain can occur in people who neglect exercise and spend too much time resting or sitting. But individualized therapy can be 38 percent effective.

On the other hand, if cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is added to therapy (exercise, physiotherapy, etc.), it has many benefits. That is why clinicians have been asked to try CBT in treatment. In this therapy, the patient is talked to and the difficulties and negativity in the environment are removed that aggravate his pain. Then CBT also increases the patient’s ability to tolerate pain.

Now if CBT is added to back pain, the pain can be reduced by 84% which is a welcome development. For this reason, experts have appealed that they must try this new research in the treatment of back pain patients.

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