Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

6.1 magnitude earthquake in Turkey, many people injured

Istanbul (Daily Pakistan Online) An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 has been felt in Turkey, 22 people have been injured in various accidents due to the earthquake.

Private TV “Hum News” told AFP that the epicenter of the earthquake was Golia district of Doze province, however, the tremors of the earthquake were also felt in other cities, the epicenter was 170 kilometers away from Istanbul and 10 kilometers deep. The meter was deep below.

Turkey’s Minister of Health, Farahtin Koka, tweeted that 22 people were injured in the earthquake, one of the injured jumped from the building in fear, due to which he was seriously injured and his condition is critical.

The initial images show that many citizens came out of their homes and were on the streets after the earthquake, many citizens were wrapped in blankets or sheets to avoid the cold.

Officials say that due to the earthquake, schools will remain closed in Doze province. Interior Minister Suleiman Solio said that a few warehouses were destroyed due to the earthquake, and no reports of heavy damage or building collapse were received.

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