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Seeing a crying woman sitting in the park after a fight with her husband, the benefit of a stranger…

Gurugram (Daily Pakistan Online) After an argument with her husband, a woman who went to the park and tried to take care of herself was sexually assaulted and killed by a stranger.

According to the details, this incident took place on November 8 in the park of Sector 7 of Faridabad, but after a long search, the police have finally arrested the man and registered a case of rape and murder, the accused has been identified as Manoj. The search for which took the police to the Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh.

The police arrested the accused on November 18 when he was trying to escape to Nepal. He belongs to Samdu village of Nepal and works as a daily wage laborer in Faridabad. On the evening of November 8, a 25-year-old woman. Manoj, who worked on an under-construction building, found Manoj sitting in the park. Manoj was also returning from work at that time. He told the police that when he saw the woman crying, he went to her. .

There was a conversation between the woman and Manoj and at that time the woman was going through a critical situation which was taken advantage of by Manoj, the woman told that her marriage is on the verge of breaking up and she fights with her husband every day. Manoj expresses his desire to have a relationship with the lady and says that he is a very good cook, along with this he starts flirting with the lady, the lady tries to resist and push him back but Manoj is strong. And he started sexually harassing her.

Manoj told the police that when the woman tried to gather people by shouting, he hit her head against the wall several times. And strangling her, the accused did not end the cruelty here, but inserted the handle of the nearby viper into the woman’s private parts.

A passer-by saw the body lying behind the bushes and reported it to the police. In the next few days, the police made efforts to identify the woman and published the picture in newspapers. When the CCTV footage was reviewed, they identified her as Manoj was seen leaving the area in a hurry and searched for him.

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