Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

38 killed in factory fire in China

Beijing (Daily Pakistan Online) 38 people died in a fire at a factory in China’s Henan province, authorities said the cause of the fire was a violation of safety measures.

According to the foreign news agency “AFP”, a fire broke out in a plant in the city of Anyang, Henan Province, China, as a result of which 38 people died and 2 were seriously injured. Illegal welding has been declared.

According to the report, the rescue services received reports of a fire in the plant from a commercial company, after which the rescue personnel immediately arrived there. The squad immediately dispatched forces to the spot where the fire was brought under control around 11 am local time.

Chinese news agency ‘People’s Daily’ reported that in addition to the deaths in the plant fire, two people were also injured who have been transferred to a nearby hospital and are out of danger.

Officials say that the suspects have been detained for investigation into the fire incident. Later, CCTV reported that the initial investigation revealed that the cause of the fire was electric welding. Employees violated security measures.

According to the data provider, the company affected by the fire is a wholesale trader dealing in machinery, construction materials, non-hazardous chemicals, clothing and fire fighting equipment.

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