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The fattest boy in the world surprised the world by losing his weight

Jakarta (Monitoring Desk) Nothing is impossible if a person decides to do it. A living example of this is this Indonesian man, who was once called the fattest boy in the world and then lost some of his weight in such a way that people watched. According to The Sun, there was a time when the boy Arya Pramana’s weight reached 191 kg and he became a mountain of meat.

He was so obese that he could not even fit in the bathroom of his house. A small pool was built in the courtyard of the house especially for his bathing. In 2016, Arya’s photos went viral on the internet, then Indonesian MP Didi Molyadi also met her.

Recently, Didi Molyadi posted pictures of Arya on her Instagram account, which surprised people. Some of the photos in the post are from when Arya was obese and some are recent photos, in which he looks so young that one would not believe that it is Arya. The post by Didi revealed that Aarya hired celebrity trainer and bodybuilder Eddie Roy and reduced her obesity under his supervision.

Speaking to the Jakarta Post, Eddie Roy said, “I only guided Arya. He was so passionate about losing weight that I was surprised at times. He loved sports like football even when he was very fat. Now his weight has reduced to only 87 kg and he has come out as a ray of hope for people suffering from obesity.

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