Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The father left his high-paying job to spend time with his newborn daughter.

New Delhi (Web Desk) A senior vice president of a private company in India quit a well-paying job to spend time with his newborn daughter.

According to Indian media reports, a man named Ankit Joshi recently revealed in an interview that after the birth of his daughter, he resigned from his job to spend precious time with her. He said that a few months ago. When I started working as a senior vice president in a company, during the birth of my daughter I took a week off but realized that it was too little time to spend with my children. And the office people won’t extend my leave any more, so I decided to quit the job.

“A lot of people tried to scare me about the future with this decision, but the job was such that I had to visit other cities and I didn’t want to spend that time with my daughter,” he said. I will spend in travel. That’s why I quit my job. According to Ankit Joshi, despite spending time with my newborn daughter and singing her lullabies for the past one month, my heart is still not full and I want to spend more time with my daughter, so I have no intention of finding a job for a few more months. do not have .

According to Indian media reports, the daughter’s mother is also an employee of a company, she took 6 months leave due to the birth of her daughter, but after the birth of her daughter, she was promoted to the position of manager. On the other hand, social media. But Ankit’s decision is being appreciated a lot.

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