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Ashna killed Mehbooba’s daughter and raped the body

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In India, Ashna killed her lover’s daughter and abused the body. According to the Times of India, the 38-year-old accused killed his beloved’s 18-year-old daughter in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, sexually assaulted her body and fled to Maharashtra.

The police arrested the accused from Virar in Maharashtra last few days. The accused has been identified as Raju Nair. He was living with his beloved in Sneerkopam area of ​​Chennai. The woman had separated from her husband 4 years ago because of the accused and since then they were living together.

The woman’s children lived with their father. According to the report, the woman’s 18-year-old daughter had come to live with her mother and the accused in July this year, and the accused had assured his beloved that he would take care of her daughter. will do On November 12, when the woman returned from work, the door was locked. When he opened the door with the key he had, the naked body of his daughter was lying inside and the accused was missing.

The girl’s earrings, bangles and Rs 25,000 cash kept in the house were also missing. The post-mortem report revealed that after killing the girl, the body was also sexually assaulted. The woman told the police that the accused had tried to sexually assault her daughter a few weeks ago, but then she assured him that he would not do such an act again.

According to the report, the accused switched on his mobile phone once in Virar, through which his location was traced and he was arrested. During investigation, the accused said that he was drinking alcohol at the time of the incident. He killed the girl by setting a trap. It should be noted that the accused himself was married and his wife and children lived in Virar.

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