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Another horrific incident of murder in India, a married young girl was killed by her ex-lover…

Varanasi (Daily Pakistan Online) Azamgarh police have arrested the accused while solving the mystery of the horrific murder of a girl. The boyfriend turned out.

According to details, 24-year-old Prince Yadav killed his ex-girlfriend Aradhana Prajapati who was 22 years old and belonged to Ishaqpur village with the help of his cousin Sarvesh and then dismembered her body in water on November 10. Throwed into an uninhabited well. The girl’s head was thrown into a pond six kilometers away. Police say that the two were in a relationship, but the girl’s parents got their daughter married to someone else in February, which upset Prince.

The police have charged Prince’s parents and other relatives, including his uncle, aunt, cousin and sister, in the case and have taken the stand that they all helped harbor the killers and hatch the plot. While the police has also announced a reward of 25 thousand rupees for those who inform about the survey. The police arrested the main accused Yadav Prince on November 19 as usual when he tried to escape.

The police said that when the team started the investigation, it was found that Aradhana was missing since November 10 and the police had 100% suspicion on Prince as he was constantly forcing Aradhana to break up the marriage. During the investigation, Prince confessed to the crime. After the confession, the police took him to the pond, which was the scene of the incident in Pachhampati village, where he threw the girl’s head and murder device. I took out a hidden pistol and tried to escape from there while also firing at the policemen.

The police also fired back which hit Prince in the legs, injuring him, Prince Yadav was taken to the hospital where Aradhana’s father identified the boy.

The investigation revealed that Prince and Aradhana had been having an affair for the past two years and wanted to get married, but he left for a job in the Gulf country and later Aradhana’s parents got their daughter married to someone else in February. When Prince Yadav came to know all this, he came back and pressured the girl to break the marriage but she was not ready.

On November 9, the prince tried unsuccessfully to take Aradhana with him, but the next day he convinced Aradhana to go to a nearby temple, after worshiping at the temple, they ate at a nearby dhaba and then he took her to Pachhampati village. I took him to my uncle’s house, this was the place where Aradhana was killed, Sarvesh and Prince dismembered the body to hide their identity, they chose a well hidden in the bushes, where the body parts were kept. They threw, killed the instrument and threw the girl’s head in a pond six kilometers away.

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