Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Negotiations between Pakistan and Afghanistan officials to restore the Pak-Afghan Chaman border failed once again in a key meeting, as a result of which the Pak-Afghan border remains closed for trade. According to a report published in the Dawn newspaper, the Pak-Afghan Chaman border has been closed indefinitely for the seventh day today.

It should be noted that on November 13, one security officer was martyred and two others were injured when an unknown armed person fired from the Afghan border. During the important meeting, Pakistani officials, Deputy Commissioner of Chaman, Abdul Hameed Zahri, discussed the need for a joint action plan to end the unpleasant incidents on the border with the Afghan government officials. He called for a joint investigation.

A senior border security official present at the meeting told Dawn that the joint action plan between the two countries would help to eliminate such untoward incidents in future and the two countries would cooperate in investigating any incident along the border in future.

According to the sources, Afghan Taliban officials have given suggestions to amicably escalate border issues with Pakistani authorities. The meeting also discussed the difficulties faced by Afghan women while crossing the border, on which the Afghan Taliban said that Pakistan should create a separate route for women and deploy women security personnel there. .

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