Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The World Health Organization has decided to provide anti-diphtheria serum to Pakistan.

According to media reports, World Health Organization and UNICEF have decided to provide anti-diphtheria serum to Pakistan after the death of children due to diphtheria in Pakistan.

UNICEF officials say that arrangements are being made to provide anti-diphtheria serum for critically ill children suffering from diphtheria.

According to the Pakistani authorities, apart from UNICEF, the World Health Organization is also trying to provide anti-diphtheria serum in Pakistan.

According to paediatricians, diphtheria is spreading in children due to non-vaccination of pentavalent vaccine, deaths of children suffering from diphtheria are due to non-availability of anti-diphtheria serum.

Officials of the Federal Ministry of Health say that this serum is rarely made in the world due to the elimination of diphtheria from the world.

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