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Imran Khan’s latest revelations about the army are being called unwise by many political commentators, while some are calling it a political ploy. However, PTI considers these revelations to be a reflection of the facts.

New revelations regarding the captain's army, facts or political ploy?
New revelations regarding the captain’s army, facts or political ploy?


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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that the military wanted Pakistan to vote against Russia on the Ukraine issue at the United Nations, while insisting that avoiding the referendum was Pakistan’s best option.

Unwise behavior

It should be noted that President Arif Alvi is believed to be trying to mediate between GHQ and PTI. Sohail Waraich, an analyst from Lahore, says that at a time when efforts are being made for reconciliation, Imran Khan should not make such unwise statements. He told DW, “Imran Khan had made statements regarding his meeting with General Bajwa before, which did not go down well and now when Arif Alvi is making efforts, this statement has come out, which is wise.” do not have. Imran Khan should give thoughtful statements.

According to Sohail Waraich, such statements can reduce the chances of reconciliation, “If the former prime minister wants the relationship between him and the establishment to improve, then he should exercise restraint and avoid aggressive statements.” “

Both are making political moves

Some critics believe that rhetoric continues during political negotiations. Former Head of Area Study Center Peshawar University Dr. Sarfaraz Khan says that both Imran Khan and the establishment are playing political tricks. He told DW, “It’s possible that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes talk going on. These statements also reflect the same ups and downs. These can also be bargaining tactics. Such statements will continue till the appointment of the Army Chief.

A reflection of reality

PTI says that Imran Khan’s revelations and statements reflect the reality. A party leader and former Sindh Assembly member Firdous Shamim Naqvi told DW in this regard, “Imran Khan’s revelations are based on reality and there is no contradiction in them.” If Imran Khan is saying that the army had too many options, then it is not wrong. What is needed is that there should be a new civil agreement and it should be decided that the constitutional status of the army should work in that capacity.

According to Firdous Shamim Naqvi, “We want a democratic system in which the prime minister has all the powers because the prime minister and the elected members are answerable to the people.”

The Chief of Army Staff should respond to the Defense Secretary

According to Firdous Shamim Naqvi, the army chief is under the civilian government all over the world, “The constitutional position is that the chief of the army staff is answerable to the secretary of defense and the secretary of defense is answerable to the minister of defense.” We will not do anything that is against the constitution and beyond the constitution.

The cry of authority

Many critics say that when politicians are in power, they don’t say they are not the boss but as soon as they leave power. Complaints pile up. Sohail Waraich said that it has become a tradition in Pakistan that when a politician is in power, he says that he has all the powers, “but as soon as he leaves power, he is no longer in power.” Crying cries. Imran Khan used to say in the past that he had all the powers and now he is saying that the powers were with the army and it was very powerful.

Sarfraz Khan, former head of Area Study Center, Peshawar University, further states that it is a fact that political parties are never given power in Pakistan. and interferes in politics. As a result, they expelled Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan.

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