Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

You must have tried many weight loss recipes and received many advices, most people go to the gym, run, or follow a specific diet to lose weight, but today we bring you the bar of one such woman. Here are some people who took steps to lose weight that will surprise you.

Yes, a woman from South Africa decided to starve herself and fast to lose weight and had her teeth fixed with wire so that she could not eat anything and lose weight quickly.

According to foreign media reports, Mazuziwe was trying to lose weight and reach a certain body mass index to qualify for breast reduction surgery.

She had managed to lose 12 kg by fasting but decided to take more drastic measures to lose weight quickly.

However, in June of this year, he closed his jaw by attaching wires to his teeth, these were orthodontic brackets in which the man’s jaw is closed due to the wires being attached to his teeth and then he cannot chew anything.

Mazuziwe had braces fitted to his teeth at the end of June, which he kept in place for 7 weeks, during which he lost an astonishing 14kg. Since their jaw was closed, they depended only on liquid foods like soup, curd.

A South African woman faced a lot of criticism when she shared her weight loss experience on social media.

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