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Both NATO and the president of its member Poland say the missile that fell into Polish territory, killing two people, was unintentional and likely fired from neighboring Ukraine.

'The missile that fell on Poland was probably fired from Ukraine'
‘The missile that fell on Poland was probably fired from Ukraine’


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On Tuesday, while Russia was launching missile attacks on Ukraine, a missile also landed in Poland, killing two people. Following the incident, the heads of NATO member states held an emergency meeting during the G20 meeting in Bali to discuss the situation.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that “Ukraine’s defense forces are firing their missiles in different directions and there is a high probability that one of them will unfortunately land on Polish soil.”

He added, “There is nothing to worry about, certainly nothing to say that this was a deliberate attack on Poland.” During the speech, the Polish government supported the results of the initial investigation.

“Most likely it was a Ukrainian air defense missile,” he said. He, however, said that the real responsibility for this is Russia because it has waged war against Ukraine. He said that the incident is currently being investigated.

Statement by Ukrainian President Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, however, disagreed with NATO and the Polish president’s views. He said that this is the work of Russia. “I have no doubt that it was not our missile. Based on my military reports, I can say with certainty that it was a Russian missile,” Zelenskiy said in a televised statement.

The Ukrainian president said that Ukraine should be allowed to participate in the investigation of the missile that fell on a field in Presevo, six kilometers from its border. Speaking to reporters later, he said, “Based on the report of my top commanders, I can say there is no doubt that it was neither our missile nor was it a missile attack.”

“God forbid, even one person is killed because of Ukrainian air defenses, we apologize if that happens, but before that an investigation is necessary and we need access to the data,” Zelenskiy said. According to analysts, if it is proved that Russia has targeted Poland, NATO may also join the war.

Before the analysis of Poland and NATO after the missile attack, US President Joe Biden said that the missile was probably fired by Russia. However, he also said, “I cannot say for sure at this time what actually happened.” Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Moscow had no hand in the missile that fell in Poland.

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