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Multiple groups can be added to a single box under the communities feature. The community tab feature of WhatsApp has also been provided to users in Pakistan.

WhatsApp has added three new icons in the upper left corner of the tab bar, by clicking on it you can see groups and chats in communities, this feature is also available on desktop.

Under the communities features, multiple groups can be added to the same box and users including the group admin can go to the same box to get information and transfer information, while a join request can also be sent to join a group. .

Under the communities features, any admin can add multiple groups together and can send messages to all groups from a single chat.

How to build a community?

To create a WhatsApp community users click on the community tab and then ‘Start your community’. Enter a name and description for your community along with a profile picture, once this is done you will be in the community window.

Now you can create new groups here, or add existing groups, both of which will have a dedicated button. If you are adding existing groups, you must also be an admin of those groups. You’ll also see a group by default in the list of groups below. This is an announcement group.

When you’re done and your community is ready, tap the tick mark at the bottom right. When you add existing or new groups to a community, all members are also added to that community’s announcement group.

How to use Communities (Admins)

Announcements: As an admin of a community users will be able to send messages to all individual groups in the community as well as to the announcement group, any text, voice note, media file, document sent in that group can be shared across all community groups. will

Inviting Members: As an admin you can also share the community link if you want to invite other people to join. These users can then use the link to join the community but cannot join individual groups unless they are added by you or another admin of the community or group.

The camera icon visible in the tab bar in WhatsApp is also new for the users, the function of this icon is old but it has been given a new place with the search button in the upper right corner of the tab bar, by clicking on this icon Users can directly access the camera and send photos and videos to whoever they want after taking them.

Previously, this icon was located in the tab bar next to Chats on the left side, where it has now been replaced by the Communities icon.

It should be noted that this feature was introduced worldwide on November 3, but WhatsApp said that it may take time to reach all users.

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