Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The sale of Pakistani Roohafza in India has been banned

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) India’s Delhi High Court has permanently barred the sale of Pakistan-made Roohafza under the brand ‘Roohafza’ owned by India’s Hamdard on e-commerce platform Amazon. The court’s decision came after a complaint was filed by the Hamdard National Foundation (India) that syrups manufactured in Pakistan were being sold under the same name in India. Hamdard India Company sells products worth more than ₹ 200 crore annually. Roohafza was first offered for sale in Delhi by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1907. After partition in 1947, one of his sons established Hamdard National Foundation India and the other Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan. Both companies manufacture Rooh Afza.

Speaking to Arab News regarding the court ruling, Hamdard Pakistan’s representative said that his company was ‘never involved’ in any business with India as ‘it is neither our domain nor we sell our products in this country. sell.’ The company’s marketing and business development director Faizullah Jawad told Arab News, “Hamdard Pakistan has nothing to do with the ban on Roohafza in India because the company does not export its products to that country.” ‘Some people sell our products on various e-commerce platforms, we don’t even know who these sellers are who are banned from selling Roohafza in India.’ He said the court’s decision would have ‘zero impact’ on Hamdard Pakistan’s international business.

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