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Google search is used by almost everyone who uses the Internet. But many times the search process feels quite boring, if you have such experience, you can make the process more enjoyable with a few Google tricks. .

You can play games, scroll through the search page and do a lot more.

Rotate the search page

Do a barrel roll search on Google and your browser will rotate 360 ​​degrees.

You can also search by writing z or r twice.

A word that cannot be fixed
If you search for recursion on Google search, the search engine will repeatedly ask if you don’t mean it.

Google gets stuck in a loop by searching for recursion and the word also means repetition.

Search content from images
Searching for something specific but can’t find the words to describe it?

So use Google’s handy trick reverse image search at

Uploading a photo by clicking the camera icon on this web page will bring up similar photos.

Crash the Google page
For this purpose, open and then search for Google Gravity.

Doing so will cause the search engine to crash to the bottom of the screen.

Play games from the 1980s
You can also play various classic games on Google.

You can play them by searching for PAC-MAN, Minesweeper, Snake and others on Google search.

Make the search page crooked
Searching by writing askew on Google will make the web page slightly crooked.

The purpose of life
If you search answer to life, the universe, and everything on Google, the search engine will return the answer in the form of 42 digits.

This search result is a tribute to the novel series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which claimed that this number describes the purpose of life.

The loneliest number
If you search the loneliest numbe on Google, you will see 1 written in the search box.

Blue Moon Truck
If you search once in a blue moon on Google search, you will come across a specific frequency 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz.

Go back to the past
If you want to know what Google search looked like in the past, search Google in 1998 and that’s it.

By doing this the search engine will take you back in time i.e. when the search engine started working.

If you want to use a timer for a task, a Google search can also be helpful.

For this purpose, write set timer for 1 minute or whatever time you want to set in place of 1, which will start the timer at the top of the screen.

Know the IP address
For that search what’s my ip on google search and that’s it.

Want to toss for something and don’t have coins in your pocket? So you can flip a coin on Google search.

Know the time of sunrise and sunset
Do you want to know the sunrise time in any place like Lahore? So you can know by searching sun rise in lahore.

Learn numbers in English
Google this trick is quite interesting, if you search 92720383=english, the search result will show how to write it in English.

Use the dice
Playing Ludo but no dice? So search by writing roll a die on google search and that’s it.

Know the air flight time
Type your desired destination with find a flight to on Google search like find a flight to Lahore, then you will get various options including flight times.

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