Tue. May 30th, 2023

Experts successfully experimented with extracting words from the mind of a paralyzed person and transmitting those words to other people on a computerized device designed to give language to the speech-impaired.

According to media reports, experts in America have tested a machine called ‘neuroprosthetic device’ on a paralyzed person, the results of which are encouraging, experts hope that the said device can play an important role in the future.

According to the report, University of California researchers tested the ‘neuroprosthetic device’ on a paralyzed person who was unable to speak, understand and read.

According to experts, during the experiment, when a ‘neuroprosthetic device’ was attached to the brain of a paralyzed person, this device translated 1150 words that came to the mind of the said person.

The study reported that the ‘neuroprosthetic device’ was able to translate 26 words of the paralyzed person, but one difficulty was that if a person spoke the English word ‘cat’, the word for cat, the computer would say ‘cat’. Is. He would say ‘Charlie Alpha Tango’ instead, as the device makes the first English word that comes to mind for the paralyzed person.

It should be noted that ‘neuroprosthetic device’ is a computerized machine, which uses artificial intelligence and this machine is connected to the human brain system.

This machine reads the thoughts or words in the mind of the paralyzed person when the person thinks in their words.

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