Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The case of killing and dismembering the girlfriend, the accused opened the fridge every day and beheaded the girl.

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) The horrific incident of murder in India has shocked everyone, the police are currently busy searching for Shraddha Walker’s head because they believe that the girl’s head was mutilated in the accused. There was no courage to do it and if the head is found, it will be easy to identify.

According to the details, the accused Poonawala has confessed to the police of killing the girl and cutting her body into 35 pieces and told that he used to throw them one or two, the accused claimed in the statement to the police. Did I keep the girl’s head in the freezer until the end and used to remember my relationship by looking at it every day? The accused told the police that he threw the girl’s head in the forest at the end.

Police say that if the girl’s head is found, it will make identification much easier. For now, the body parts found in the forest have been sent for DNA, after which it will be clear that it is her. The parts are girl’s or not.

Indian media have claimed from police sources that the accused allegedly used boric acid, formaldehyde and sulfuric acid, while possibly other chemicals, to remove the smell of the corpse and traces of blood from the house. did

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