Tue. May 30th, 2023

Another gruesome murder case, after the boy killed his girlfriend…

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) In India, a few days ago, a horrific incident of murder was revealed in which a boy killed his girlfriend and stabbed her body 35 times. For unfaithfulness, he killed his 21-year-old girlfriend by cutting her throat and made a video and posted it on social media.

According to details, the brutal man, who has been identified as Abhijit Patidar, cut the throat of his 21-year-old lover Shilpa Mishra with the help of a sharp instrument and then released a video on social media and confessed to his crime. shared the video on social media and said that ‘no disloyalty’ then he removed the razai on the dead body. In another video, Abhijit Patidar pretended to be a Patna businessman and said that Shilpa Jharia K’s business partner Jitendra Kumar and had an affair with him.

Abhijeet Patidar says that Shilpa borrowed Rs 12 lakh from Jitender and then fled to Jabalpur, Jitender’s instructions were to kill the girl. Abhijit, who killed the girl, wrote in another social media post that ‘ Babu will meet again in heaven’.

It should be remembered that two days ago, there was a very sad incident in India in which a man was arrested who, after killing his girlfriend, cut her body into 35 pieces and threw them in different cities for 18 days. Stayed.

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