Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

After encouraging results from the initial trial of a breast cancer treatment vaccine developed by US experts, scientists are hopeful that the vaccine will prove beneficial for treatment.

For the past few years, experts around the world have been busy looking for modern and fast ways to treat infectious cancer, and in this context, the University of Washington and the Medicine Cancer Vaccine Institute have developed a vaccine for breast cancer. The vaccine was tested.

Experts had made the said vaccine for the experiment, the results of the initial trial of which prompted the scientists to do more research on it.

According to research published in the medical journal ‘JAMA Oncology’, the vaccine developed by experts has succeeded in targeting the special protein ‘ERBB2’ or ‘HER2’ (ERBB2 or HER2) which causes breast cancer. went

The said protein causes the formation of glands or lumps in breast cancer and this protein also plays an important role in the rapid spread of other cancers including ovarian.

Experts recruited 66 female volunteers, aged 34 to 77, who had been diagnosed with advanced-stage breast cancer, for the experiment.

Experts divided the volunteer women into three different groups and after giving them 10, 100 and 500 micrograms of vaccine, they also conducted blood and DNA tests.

The volunteers were given different doses of the new vaccine on a monthly basis for three months.

Experts tested all the volunteers at the end of the trial, and the results showed that women who were injected with 100 to 500 micrograms had a stronger immune system ready to fight cancer cells, compared to 10 micrograms. There was no significant benefit to the injected volunteers.

Adverse effects such as fever, chills and fatigue were also reported in volunteers from the vaccine during the study.

Experts have described the results of initial trials of the experimental vaccine as encouraging, calling for more research and expressing hope that the vaccine will prove beneficial in the future.

According to experts, it is too early to say how long the breast cancer vaccine will be ready for general use, but it could take a few years.

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