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In the case of killing the girlfriend and dismembering her into 35 pieces, Aftab kept the body in the fridge and a …

Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) Heartbreaking revelations have come out during the investigation in the case of cutting the body into 35 pieces after killing his beloved in Delhi, India.

According to details, 28-year-old Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who is a food blogger and hails from Mumbai, was arrested by the police on November 11 for allegedly killing his girlfriend on May 18.

According to Indian media reports, Aftab called another girl to meet him at his rented flat a few days after killing his girlfriend. Malatha, the other girl is a psychologist by profession.

The second girl visited Aftab’s rented flat in Mehroli twice in June and July, during which time Shraddha’s body was at home with the accused hiding its pieces in the fridge. The accused said that he wanted to kill Shraddha. It was easy but disposing of his body was not an easy task, he decided that the easiest solution to disposing of the body was to cut it into pieces and for that he also searched on the internet.

Police say that Aftab and Shraddha had a quarrel over marriage and he dismembered the body after being inspired by the American TV series “Dexter”. After that, Aftab bought a 300 liter freezer to store the pieces. Laya, the accused took the help of a candle and a room freshener in the flat to eliminate the stench coming from the dead bodies.

After murdering Shraddha, the accused continued to communicate with friends on social networking sites to avoid public scrutiny so as not to raise suspicions, he also paid all the bills of his house so that no company A representative did not knock at his home in Mumbai.

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