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In India, a young boy, Salman, killed his friend four years ago in his room.

Agra (Daily Pakistan Online) 27-year-old Salman, a resident of Mansoorpura area of ​​Muzaffargarh, killed his close friend Muhammad Hassan four years ago and buried the body in his room, but the guilt did not leave him and all these It has been bothering him for years, but Salman, overcome with guilt, revealed the truth in front of the deceased’s brother three days ago while attending a funeral.

According to the details, the police said that the boy was arrested after the body was removed. Saleem, the brother of the deceased, said that I had gone to attend a funeral in my village where Salman was also present, when we were attending the funeral. Salman asked me if I was still looking for my missing brother. When I said yes, he started saying stop searching because he is gone now. Salman told me that he had killed Hassan and buried him in his room.

“At first I didn’t believe it, but later in the day Salman uploaded the video on social media and confessed his crime. On Saturday, I along with other villagers went to Salman’s house and excavated his room,” Salim said. From where my brother’s remains were recovered, after receiving information, the police also reached there and arrested Salman. The police said that Hasan was missing on November 25, 2018, a missing report was filed by the family, after the remains of Hasan were found, a case was registered against Salman.

Police say that there was a relationship between Salman and Hassan and when Salman asked to end this relationship, Hassan refused. To get rid of Hassan, Salman called him to his house and killed him with a sword.

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