Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

After Elon Musk bought the Twitter platform, not only has his staff been laid off, but Elon is also its only board member. As a result, many users have left Twitter and in this context, an alternative platform named ‘Mastodon’ has emerged.

Now, in this context, a microblogging platform called Mastodon is being mentioned and people are creating accounts there in large numbers. It is being called as an alternative to Twitter on social media.

Although Mastodon’s popularity is growing, it is still a small platform. Its head Eugene Rocco has said that more than 1 million people have created their accounts on it in the last month and a total of 6.2 million users have been associated with it.

This platform was created by a German programmer, according to which two hundred and thirty thousand brand new users are connected to it in just one week. While Twitter currently has more than 238 million users. Mastodon, on the other hand, has tried to attract famous actors and personalities to it, but American and European journalists have also created accounts on it.

Mastodons are ancient elephants that are now extinct. The best thing about this account is that it’s free, open source, crowdfunded, and free of all kinds of ads. The messages sent here are called tweets in the style of tweets.

Its servers are also hosted at various locations run by volunteers. This is why, being open source, a user of Mastodon can also build their own servers. Then even the owner of the company cannot impose his order on him or close the account. If someone says malicious or negative things, all other servers will disconnect him and he will be left with few followers as his messages will be removed from the main platform.

However, Mastodon has zero tolerance for misanthropy, transgenderism, racism and bigotry.

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