Tue. May 30th, 2023

An explosion in the famous Istiqlal street of Istanbul, Turkey, many injured, fear of death

Istanbul (Daily Pakistan Online) An explosion has occurred in the famous Istiqlal Street of Istanbul, Turkey. According to the initial reports, 11 people have been injured in the explosion, while there are fears of many deaths. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

According to Middle East Eye, an explosion has occurred on Sunday in Istiqlal Avenue in the historic Beyglu district of Istanbul, Turkey, in which several people have been injured. In the first official statement on the incident, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said that the explosion occurred at 4:20 in the evening in Istiqlal Street. He said, ‘Our police, health, fire and disaster and emergency management teams have been sent to the scene. According to the governor, there have been casualties in the blast, any progress made in this regard will be shared with the public.

According to Turkish media, the police have closed Istiqlal Street due to the possibility of another explosion. A footage from the scene shows the mortally wounded bodies of a child and a man. In the footage shared on social media, several bodies are seen lying on the road. In a mobile video, it can be seen that Istiqlal Street is full of people, at the same time the explosion occurs, in this video made from a distance, the high flame of fire is clearly visible.

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