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For the past several days we have been playing “find the way” on the streets of Islamabad. The barriers have made life difficult for ordinary citizens. It also takes hours to cover the distance. Whom should the people cry?

Commander of the Tiger Force
Commander of the Tiger Force


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A sage says that power, wealth, fame and authority (or power) do not change a person, they expose it. In developed nations, the implementation of laws or high moral and social values ​​may have changed the situation, but in the developing world, the desire to achieve social superiority has only one goal, and that is to make people less powerful than themselves, poor, Humiliating the nameless and powerless.

Believe it or not, we are. Why go too far, friends who have come in contact with a government office clerk, messenger or watchman can assess this situation.

“Find the way” has been playing on the streets of Islamabad for the past several days. Barricades have been put up before the Kraal Chowk where the democratic right to protest is being exercised, so go to hell with businessmen. All roads from Pindi to Islamabad are closed, so there are only two options, sneak back home or spend the day stuck in traffic on “alternative routes” through narrow streets.

Today’s story was different. It was hoped that the heavy rain might have cooled down the flaming emotions of the people. In this misunderstanding, we did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity. As soon as I crossed the square, I saw that a hero from the front came towards us, waving a stick, and started expressing his indignation at this insolence. When you have a baton in hand and people in front of you, why shouldn’t your confidence skyrocket?

As soon as we saw the baton, we humbly folded our hands and asked, brother!! There are patients in the car. The baton-carrying hero circled the car, peered through the mirrors to assess the opportunity, and then fell into a deep thought. On our repeated request, after some pause, Kamal kindly allowed us to pass by the protest camp.

People were wide-eyed as they walked past the raging seashore, which had been on hold for three days due to protests, barely a dozen people under a tent in the alleged camp. In wet weather, there will be more rush at any pakoda, samosa shop.

The protestors were cursing God knows who, but one of the main reasons for this situation were the defenders of the law, who are concerned about the safety of the people. Since the authority of those who commanded them does not extend beyond this road, another guard group is stationed there, like two armies lined up face to face waiting for the order to invade.

The way of using power and authority that is prevalent among us, its example is hardly found anywhere in the world. Our films have also been made on the same themes, in which the hero suppresses the sorrows and bitterness of the past in his heart, burns day and night in the fire of revenge. Whenever he gets discouraged or strays from the path of heroin, wears thick glasses, sews clothes on the sewing machine, his mother corrects his qiblah by chanting two or four jali suds. And so one day, after getting power and authority, in the last scenes of the film, the hero reminds the villain of the holiday milk and leaves to live happily.

Whatever happened, happened, but three days of austerity is not an expensive deal for what has been solved today regarding the psychology of baton bearers.

Danda: It is a symbol of strength, power and authority and these three attributes are blind, deaf and insensitive in nature but not dumb at all. Blind power stifles the path of expression and the addiction to supremacy is completely unrelated to any moral and social values. Thanks to this innocent local soldier of Tiger Force for reminding us of this forgotten lesson.

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