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Nabila said, “Whether it’s about reproductive freedom for women or whether it’s about wearing the hijab, I’m lucky to have a choice.” I feel proud to wear the hijab and represent Muslims.”

Nabila Syed / Courtesy of nabeelasyed.com
Nabila Syed / Courtesy of nabeelasyed.com

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New Delhi: Indian-American Muslim woman Nabila Syed has created history by being elected to the Illinois General Assembly in the mid-term elections held in the United States. At just 23 years old, Nabila is the youngest member of the US state assembly. Nabila, the candidate of the Democrats, defeated the Republican candidate Chris Bose by winning 52.3% of the votes in the election.

After being elected as a member of the assembly, ‘NDTV’ talked to Nabila Syed through video conference. When asked in the context of the protests against the hijab in Iran and the ban imposed on female students wearing the hijab in educational institutions in the Indian state of Karnataka, she said, “I want to make it clear that my hijab It was my choice to wear and it was my decision. You cannot impose religion on anyone and you cannot force anyone to wear hijab. Likewise, you cannot force someone not to wear hijab. In both cases, we should give young women the right to choose.”

“Whether it is reproductive freedom for women or wearing hijab,” he added. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to choose. I feel proud to wear hijab every day and represent Muslims. I think this choice is important and it is wrong to suppress one’s voice.”

Nabila was asked if she ever faced discrimination in America for being a Muslim and wearing a hijab. So he said, “People forbade campaigning.” He said, Nabila, you are Indian, you wear hijab and you look Muslim. You should ask someone else to campaign for this seat. Even when I was in high school, everything was not easy for me. Many people called me many names, but the number of people who supported me was more than that. I would like to say that if there are bad people in the world, there are more good people than them.

When Nabila was asked what she had to say about the current government of India, which is said to be unsympathetic towards the country’s minorities, she said, “I want that in India It should be ensured that no person is discriminated against because of his religion. It is very important to ensure that all over the world. Here in America we have freedom of religion and freedom from religion. So you have the right to follow a religion and you also have the right not to follow any religion if you want. I believe that people should not be discriminated against because of their faith.”

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