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The Russian Foreign Minister says that he discussed with his Indian counterpart on Tuesday regarding the joint production of modern weapons. Both are trying to further develop their trade relations.

Talks on joint armaments between Russia and India
Talks on joint armaments between Russia and India


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This year, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had his fifth meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaishankar. “We had detailed discussions on military-technical cooperation, including the situation and preparation of modern weapons,” Lavrov said, according to Russian news agency Tass. Tas, however, did not give further details.

Lavrov said that the two countries want to further expand their trade relations and cooperate more closely in areas such as nuclear energy and space travel. India has been dependent on Russian military equipment for decades. While Russia is also the fourth largest market for Indian medicines and medical products.

India-Russia relations

This was Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s first visit to Moscow after Russia’s military attack on Ukraine in February. He has been accompanied by senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Ports and Shipping, Finance, Chemicals and Fertilizers and Commerce.

Jaishankar said, “Russia is our stable and time-tested partner. An objective analysis of our mutual relations over the past several decades will confirm that it has indeed served the interests of both countries. has been accomplished very, very well.”

It should be noted that India has close relations with both Moscow and the West and is one of the few countries that has not condemned the Russian war in Ukraine. New Delhi also does not support Western sanctions against Russia and instead favors dialogue to resolve the conflict.

India will continue to buy Russian oil

Jaishankar also emphasized that India will continue to buy oil from Russia. As Western countries try to reduce their dependence on fuel from Moscow, India has become the second largest buyer of fuel from Russia after China.

The Indian foreign minister said, “As the third largest consumer of oil and gas in the world, as well as a country whose income is not very high, we have to look to cheap resources. So India and Russia.” The relationship between is an added advantage for us.”

It should be noted that before the military attack on Ukraine in February, India’s oil imports from Russia were about 2 percent, which has reached the highest ever rate of 23 percent in September. Meanwhile, the US has criticized efforts to increase trade between India and Russia.

Speaking to the media, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the US has made it clear that this is not the time to trade with Russia. “It is in our collective interest that India gradually reduce its dependence on Russia,” he said.

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