Tue. May 30th, 2023

Are you having trouble losing weight and getting rid of constipation? So you are not alone, millions of people around the world face this experience.

According to experts, high consumption of ultra-processed foods can lead to obesity, this was revealed in a medical study in Australia.

According to a media report, research conducted by the University of Sydney found that ultra-processed foods, which are popular in the current era, are contributing to the spread of obesity.

Ultra-processed foods include bread, fast foods, sweets, coffees, cakes, snacks, breakfast cereals, chicken and fish nuggets, instant noodles, sugary drinks and sodas.

The research looked at data from a survey of over 9,000 people.

The survey found that most people’s diets were high in carbohydrates and fat while low in key nutrients like fiber and protein.

The researchers said that in the current era, people’s consumption of fast food or ultra-processed foods has increased, resulting in a lack of dietary protein and an increased risk of obesity.

He said that we already know that obesity increases the risk of chronic diseases.

He further said that the human body requires protein but the amount of protein in the diet of the present era is decreasing while more reliance is being placed on carbohydrates and fats for obtaining physical energy.

As a result, people tend to overeat and gain weight.

The researchers said that although several factors contribute to the increase in body weight, the overconsumption of ultra-processed foods is proving to be the major reason for the prevalence of obesity.

According to reports, a recent study conducted by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil indicated that high consumption of ultra-processed foods increases the risk of premature death due to various diseases.

The study estimated that 10 percent of deaths could be prevented each year by limiting the consumption of ultra-processed foods.

This is the first study to estimate the risk of premature death from ultra-processed foods, the researchers said.

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