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The presence of American instructors at the shooting range of Kenya on the day of Arshad Sharif’s murder…

Nairobi (Daily Pakistan Online) On the night of the murder of senior journalist Arshad Sharif, 10 American instructors and trainers were also present at the Emudump shooting range in Kenya.

According to private TV channel Geo News, Kenyan government sources confirmed that Arshad Sharif had dinner with American instructors and others on October 22 and 23.

Canyon government sources say that on October 23rd at 8 pm, Arshad Sharif was shot while traveling in a car with Khurram. Khurram usually used the shooting range road, but Khurram Ahmed took the long road instead of the normal road on October 23. Adopted, the Magadi Highway route was used despite its remoteness.

According to the sources, the Pakistani investigators had asked the canyon officials to give details of the people on the range, but the requested details did not ask about the nationalities of the instructors and trainees. While not provided, authorities are working to implement the request of investigators, Waqar and Khurram, seeking details of those on the range.

According to sources, canyon officials are forced to question relevant persons to help in the investigation due to Pakistani pressure, and are not considering charging the two brothers or the instructors with the murder.

It was initially said that Arshad Sharif was killed due to a mistaken identity by the Kenyan police, later changing their stance to retaliatory drive-by shooting.

It should be noted that shooting practice, weekend camping and other facilities are available at the shooting range Emodump, according to the website of Emodump Limited, the company’s parent company is registered in Ontario.

Pakistan’s senior journalist Arshad Sharif spent the last night of his life at the same shooting site with Khurram Ahmed.

Kenyan government sources say that it seems that Arshad Sharif knew that his whereabouts were known to several people, Waqar, Khurram did not speak to the media but according to the lawyer, both are cooperating with the investigation team.

Sources say that Khurram Ahmed did not respond to the police’s position and his lawyer says that Khurram Ahmed has been advised not to talk to the media until the investigation is completed.

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