Tue. May 30th, 2023

Two German rescue ships carrying 300 migrants arrived in Italy’s eastern port of Sicily, where one of the two was allowed to disembark one of the most vulnerable and critically ill migrants.

German rescue ship with hundreds of migrants awaiting clearance at Sicilian port
German rescue ship with hundreds of migrants awaiting clearance at Sicilian port


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According to reports, the Italian authorities have been silent on the request for a permit, while the situation of the migrants on board this other ship is also being said to be difficult and there has been a lot of anxiety and uncertainty on the coast of Sicily. Is. In fact, Italy’s far-right government has decided to close its ports to humanitarian aid ships. Because of this, the situation of the refugees aboard the rescue ships reaching the port of Sicily is being described as dire.

Migrants stranded in the Mediterranean

According to reports, more than 1,000 migrants were on four different boats. These humanitarian aid ships were actually decided by some European charities to operate on the Mediterranean route. A couple of weeks ago, refugees who were in a critical situation were rescued from the sea.

Two ships of the German humanitarian groups ‘Humanity One’ and ‘Rise Above’ were in Italian waters. There were 179 migrants on board the ship called ‘Humanity One’. Minors or children on board and those in need of immediate medical attention were allowed to disembark, but the 93 migrants aboard the rescue ship Rise Above have yet to disembark at the Sicilian port. Awaiting permission.

There were 572 migrants on board the ship ‘Jeo Barents’ and 234 passengers on another rescue ship called Viking, all of them were not allowed to reach the port.

The position of the Roman government

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Piantidosi said on Friday that the rescue ship “Humanitarian One” operated by the German organization SOS Humanitarian is to provide urgent medical aid to minors and people in critical health conditions. Landing on the beach will be allowed. This permission was actually given after demands from both Germany and France to provide safe harbor to these migrants. The Berlin and Paris governments also signaled to the Italian authorities that Italy would not be asked to shoulder the burden of all these migrants alone. However, no such conditions have been offered for the other three ships.

It should be noted that the leadership of the far-right government of Italy is demanding that the countries whose flag is flying on the ships should take the immigrants on board these ships home.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Infrastructure Minister Matteo Silvini, a former Italian interior minister known for his anti-immigrant politics and policies, in a video on Facebook criticized the current Italian government’s stance on refugees. appreciated and expressed his happiness over his strict instructions regarding permission to land at the ports of

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