Tue. May 30th, 2023

Experts have discovered important information about malaria and effective prevention methods.

According to the report, American and African experts claim to have discovered a new and most effective anti-malarial treatment to date that can provide up to 6 months of protection against the disease.

At present, there are other drugs including vaccines for the treatment and protection of malaria, but despite this disease, more than 600,000 people die worldwide every year, while two to two and a half million people get sick.

According to a global media report, African and American experts have developed a new and most effective way to treat people infected with malaria through antibodies developed in the laboratory by the US National Institute of Health (NIH). Discovered.

US experts have developed new antibodies in the laboratory from antibodies taken from people who have recovered from malaria drugs and given them to malaria sufferers via IV injection.

For the experiment, experts recruited 330 volunteers in the African country of Mali and divided them into three different groups.

Among the three groups, the experts gave one group a high dose of laboratory-made antibodies, another group a low dose, and the third group they gave a dummy drug.

Experts treated all the volunteers for 24 weeks and conducted blood tests and other tests on them.

The study found that the drug was 86 percent effective in volunteers who were given the high dose of lab-made antibodies, compared to 75 percent in those who received the low dose.

The study also found that people who received the antibodies were protected from malaria for at least 6 months, meaning they did not get malaria again despite being bitten by mosquitoes in the same season.

According to experts, more research is needed on the above-mentioned method of treatment and if its further results are encouraging, it may be the most effective and inexpensive treatment for malaria prevention and treatment.

Experts hope that if the same treatment is developed further, it will cost 5 to 8 dollars per person.

Experts say that at present antibodies are being used to treat infectious diseases including cancer and this method of treating malaria is not unique.

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